(closed) Master thesis

Language models for robotics


The Machine Learning Research Lab in Munich is seeking a highly motivated student (f/m/d) to join our team. In this position, you will have the opportunity to work on a project focused on demonstrating the usage of Large Language models (LLMs) on robotics. LLMs have shown promising potential as generalized reasoning engines, and we aim to explore their capabilities in the context of robotics applications. This project specifically aims to combine our sequence models trained on robot data with language models, without the need for fine-tuning.

Your Tasks

  • Integration of recent LLM-based policy generators

  • Selecting the right affordances based on user requests and robot capabilities

  • Combining vision and language for robot control and reasoning

  • Evaluation of the capabilities and limits of such tools for robotics applications

Your Qualifications

You should meet a few of these and be eager to learn about the rest.

  • interest in machine learning, sequence models, reinforcement learning;
  • very good with Python; experience with Tensorflow or Pytorch is a plus;
  • very good with numerical optimisation, probability theory, calculus and linear algebra;
  • good knowledge of tools such as git.

For further information, please contact us at arg-min @ argmax.ai if you are interested. Mention "LLM for robotics MSc" in your email subject for this particular opening.

Announcement at Volkswagen Stellenbörse